From the beginning….

I come from a family that traditionally has worked in the building trade. My father was a builder and worked at completing home building projects. It was a natural progression, that I would continue this tradition. During my school years I worked in my fathers building firm. I transitioned the whole process of what is required to become a builder: I swept the sites, I carried in the materials, I cleaned up the sites, I prepared the mortar, I plastered, painted, laid tiles and finally I ran the business.

– To run a business, you need to know how to do well, what you expect from your employees – that is what my father believed. The Business prospered, I decided to expand what we had to offer and I commenced the sale of building materials and the timber. All manor of trades would get their supplies from me and that included carpenters. I expanded the services offered and I started to out-source carpentry jobs for my clients. One of those carpenters was Mr. Adam. I saw how he worked, what he did and… it changed my whole life. I simply did not want to do anything else. I wanted to be a carpenter. The relationship with Mr. Adam tightened as I channeled all the carpentry jobs his way, and with that I spent every spare moment in his workshop.

In 1996 I built my own carpentry workshop and convinced Mr. Adam to come and work with me. Adam Wroblewski graduated from the school of carpentry, where he received tuition from the pre-war scholars of the trade. In 1959 he commenced his professional career, during this time he was lucky to obtain tuition from the Mentors of Carpentry. He climbed each step to the next level of competency which allowed him to pursue greater challenges and outcomes of the profession. As a result his career grew not just in Poland. He worked amongst others in Egypt, Spain, England, Germany, the old Yugoslavia, Holland and even China. He opened his own workshop in the 90-ties which is when our paths crossed.

From that moment I have had the good fortune to learn and develop under the eye of a Master Of Carpentry. At this point we have hundreds of projects completed together. In our workshop we have trained and continue to train new carpentry apprentices. We teach them the fundamentals of working with timber. We re-introduce techniques forgotten from the old Masters. We install commitment to quality and care. We remind them that each timber is unique, and so one can not waste it through inattention or lack of competency. In our workshop we make come true other peoples dreams and their needs, caring at the same time about the living material from which they are made.

We thrive on challenge, and that is why we take on all types of projects related to timber. We make all kinds of carpentry jobs, renovations of timber products (not just furniture), we build interiors of boats, camper vans and even timber homes. Each new challenge is an opportunity to improve the craft and the workshop, the principal is always the same – ONLY A FOCUS ON QUALITY AND THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE TIMBER, GUARANTEES A PROJECT WELL MADE.


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